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23 травня 2023

Principal AQA (JS) Subcontract (вакансія неактивна)


Required skills

*Experience in Pre-Sales


— Architecture review
* Review Autotest infrastructure
* Review of the current QA process
* Q&A session with the team members
* Development plans review
* Current solution review

Strategy Elaboration
-Automation goals — workshop to define goals
* Benefits of AQA
* Resources (Team composition and responsibilities, Environments, Infrastructure)
* Test Identification: Architecture approach for tests; AQA scope and out of scope;
* Functional/non-functional test — workshop
* Expected results/planned coverage and KPIs — workshop with the client
* Analysis of Extra value and direct benefit of Automation QA
* Technical solutions: current state/framework transformation proposal/approaches/tech Stack/Autotests Reporting process — workshop
* Test Automation in development process (how and when auto-tests execute within the development pipeline)
* Risk and Assumptions