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Alteryx is revolutionizing data analytics by providing a complete end to end, self-service platform that allows users to get from business questions to business answers at incredible speeds. Why work for just any analytics company? At Alteryx, we are explorers, dreamers and innovators. We’re on a journey to build the best analytics platform in the world, but we can’t do it without people like you leading the way. Forget the stereotypical tech companies of the past. Embrace the unconventional, exercise your imagination, and help alter the future with Alteryx!

More than 2,500 customers from world-class leading brands, including Adidas, Walmart, Microsoft, Boeing, McDonald’s and Ford, rely on Alteryx daily. Relief. Joy. Confidence. Love. Gratitude. This is how our customers describe how they feel when using Alteryx. We provide line of business analysts across multiple departments (e.g. finance, marketing, HR, supply chain, etc.) with a code-free and code-friendly analytics workflow that leads to impactful business outcomes.

Alteryx, Inc. is headquartered in Irvine (CA) and has 13 additional global offices.
Tech Centres are located in Broomfield (Colorado), Prague and Kyiv.

Join our team of passionate and hard-working associates and help make a difference in people’s lives by creating software that enables business users to solve problems using data that were previously thought to be unsolvable, save them days, weeks and months of mundane data prep and blending and help them truly love their jobs again.