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11 січня 17:47

Julia Chikina, Portfolio Manager at Altamira

I have been working for the company for 7 years. One of the most important factors at work for me is the atmosphere in the team and people with whom you have to cooperate every day, who lead the company and set its direction. So I am very lucky to have it all in Altamira — the people here are incredible, probably that’s why I’ve been working here for such a long time.

Teamwork, convivial atmosphere, colleagues who have a good sense of humor, the understanding that you will always be heard and never left alone with your problems is something very valuable to me.

Transparency in the part of the company’s management is also a big plus — they are always open in communication with employees, even when it comes to delivering some bad news.

Needless to say, like any company, it has its ups and downs, partially related to the unstable situation in the world, but the company does not turn a blind eye to any problems and tries to work them through. I am sure that Altamira is able of handling anything, because we have people in our company who are not afraid of challenges and are ready for changes.


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