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9 грудня 2022 13:05

Alexandr Nesterenko, Client Success Manager в Altamira

Altamira is a great place to work if you’re ready to contribute and take responsibility for what you’re doing.

I’m with the company for more than 3 years and passed through all the external crisises (Covid, war, recession) together with the colleagues and the company.
Menwhile, I had a tremendous growth of my career path during this time and I think that the step where I’m now is not the last one.

People here are nice to each other and that makes the work place very positive. If you have possibility and willing to attend our office in Kyiv or Bratislava, you’ll notice that.

Actually, you can have a balance between work and your hobbies, family, life. The schedule is quite flexible. Plus if you want to learn something new, that is supported by the C-Level.
I know that some of the people who were on bench, had opportunity to learn another technology in order to have bigger chances to get another project.

What personally I like is that the colleagues trust you and you’re more than welcome to suggest, brainstorsm, validate, try various things while working. If it’s risky step, you can fail but it doesn’t mean that you’ll be fired, everyone gets second, third or more chances actually to improve and to fix.

So if you ready to take responsibility for the decisions madem if you’re a team — welcome.

I never had issues with unpaid salary or bonuses, etc.
The management is transparent and does not hide stuff from the employees.

We all know which problems all the industries across the world facing these days, however the company is in the process of partially changing the stack due to the market demand. Complex decisions are made and communicated to the employees with the suggested options. At the same time I know that we actively hire people for the new stack.

So if you have friends who are looking for a job and see Altamira vacancy, I will be more than happy to answer the questions and tell everything as it is.


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