Founded and headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine, ALPACKED LLC managed to create a dedicated DevOps company with strong expertise and narrow specialization in DevOps and cloud computing technologies. In 2019 we built a meaningful partnership with Amazon Web Services and Swarming Technology.
2 сентября 2021 Первая работа

Junior/Trainee DevOps engineer

Киев, удаленно $500–1200

Необходимые навыки

We believe that there are many great minds who are looking to work as DevOps engineers, and our company is looking for such prospects.

The first requirement for you is to have willing to learn DevOps and related tools, and our mission is to help you succeed in this.

Other 3 must-have requirements are:
— Knowledge of TCP/IP stack
— Experience with Linux/Unix systems
— Experience with writing small automation scripts/lambda functions on one or several languages ( Pythoin, NodeJS, Bash, Groovy, etc )

If you know anything from the list below, will give you bonus points:
— cloud-native mindset ( some experience with AWS / GCP / Azure )
— Сontainers and orchestration: Docker / Docker-compose / Kubernetes
— Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery approaches and tools
— knowledge of IaC concepts and some tools ( Ansible / Terraform / CloudFormation )

When applying to the job please send a couple of resources ( books, telegram channels, podcasts, whatever ) where you get new information from and tell us what inspires you most in the DevOps.

Будет плюсом

Extreme bonus points:
— gitOps
— pulumi, aws cdk
— terragrunt
— serverless


The learning’s not just on the job ( we provide you with all needed resources );
Interesting tasks with great projects and a great team who will help you to adapt to our culture and share the knowledge;
Career growth (transparent wage system: the more you learn to do and responsibility you take, the higher compensation is);


As Junior/Trainee specialist your main responsibility will be to learn, think and ask questions. Of course, we will add some project work to that :) But the focus will be on finding balance between enough learning and project work.
Also, the 2 months trial period has direct PDP and all resources available so you can learn the fundamentals before hopping into the projects.

О проекте

Hey there! Do you want to hop on your DevOps journey but can’t find a job without experience?

We are happy to take great prospects and grow them on our own. If you are inspired to working in a DevOps-specialized company, where you can grow professionally — we believe this job is for you.

Briefly about ALPACKED: The founders of the company are two highly qualified DevOps engineers with over 8 years of experience in large IT companies and successfully closed 50+ projects. Our company is still young, but we are actively developing and are trying to give the IT market highly qualified services in the field of DevOps and Cloud Architecting. We work with large e-commerce sites, online publications with large volumes of international traffic, developers of mobile applications and software. If you have read up to this place, write “alpacas are better than lamas!” And your candidacy will be considered first of all;

In addition, our other main task is to build the most comfortable working conditions for our employees, who will want to stay with us as long as possible. Therefore, you can always count on our support in any circumstances.