Офер за 1 день в команду BetterMe (Frontend Hiring, JavaScript/React/Redux)

3 вакансии

  • Senior DevOps engineer $4000–6500 Киев
    We are a DevOps company providing a wide array of offerings from consulting and outstaffing to managed services to help companies and organizations of any size transform the way they consume their IT capabilities.
  • Middle DevOps engineer $2200–4000 Киев
    Are you looking for a company where you can always grow professionally and know that your efforts will never be left without attention? You want to be involved in projects with Kubernetes, GitOps, Serverless, and other cutting-edge technologies?
  • Junior/Trainee DevOps engineer $500–1200 Киев
    Hey there! Do you want to hop on your DevOps journey but can’t find a job without experience? We are happy to take great prospects and grow them on our own.