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Київ, Богота (Колумбія), Варшава (Польща), Дубай (ОАЕ), Тбілісі (Грузія), Хайфа (Ізраїль)

28 березня 2021 17:10

Владислав Загородний

I’ve been working in AllStarsIT almost 1 year. During this time I imbued with love to it. Moment of joining — changed my life completely, there was opened sky-rocketing opportunity to work over significant international software product. This company is home for advanced technologies, qualified experts and efficient solutions. I’ve never saw such employee oriented place, here you have a choice and able to choose. All interaction phases were brilliant planned — sharp and focused interviews, consistent agreements, clear offers, very gentle and easy adaptation, appropriate workloads, exact payments.
In AllStarsIt you will work over top priority tasks, after work you can take part in fun corporate activities, also there are exiting corporate trips that definitely get you worked up!
Experienced management
Official recruitment
Flexible approach (company to find compromise and understand each employee)
Long-term cooperation
Suitable office in business centre Gulliver (1 min from subway, city centre, with kitchen and additional stuff)
Comfortable work place (anatomic chairs, big tables, additional screens, powerful computers)
Friendly team
Endless possibilities
Morning breakfast
High salary
On my opinion — it’s best place to make worldwide career staying in Ukraine. I feel like on cloud nine with this company. Thanks to CEO, HR, Marketing and technical teams for all excellent work that you do. AllStarsIt would be a perfect match for motivated employees which values professionalism and liability in employers and wants to work not only in the good companies but in the best! Strongly recommend to deal with AllStarsIt.


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