Aksiio Technologies is a software engineering company that builds AI/ML, Computer Vision, and 3D technology solutions for Industry 4.0. The team relies on its expertise in Deep Tech to help companies develop complex software products from start to finish.
27 березня 2023

3D Computer Vision (AI/ML) (вакансія неактивна)

за кордоном, віддалено

At Aksiio, we crack Deep Tech puzzles.

Our team participates in developing an AI-powered 3D body scanning system. We have an exciting opportunity in our team for a strong member with exceptional skills in the field of 3D Computer Vision, Deep Learning on unstructured point cloud data, and human shape and pose estimation.


— Develop a deep learning model that predicts optimal human pose and shape parameters directly from raw, noisy depth sensor data;
— Develop optimization techniques for fitting a single set of human shape parameters to a plurarity of point cloud scan data of the same subject in different viewpoints/poses;
— Improve existing synthetic data generation pipelines to generate realistic scan data, mimicking real-world scans with noise and outliers from iPhone 13 and later devices;
— Train and iterate the developed model to achieve high accuracy and robustness on real-world scans;
— Develop a model that is production-ready and can predict avatar parameters in under a minute;
— Deploy the training and inference pipelines on Google Cloud Platform;
— Collaborate with a client engineers to develop cutting-edge technologies in 3D human reconstruction.


— Master’s or PhD in Computer Science or a related field;
— At least 3 years of relevant industry experience in 3D computer vision, deep learning, and training and deploying new machine learning models for human shape and pose estimation;
— Strong proficiency in Python and relevant deep learning frameworks (e.g., TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras);
— Prior experience with deep learning models for point cloud data;
— Prior experience with statistical human body models such as SMPL/STAR;
— Prior experience with deep learning models for point cloud data, such
— Prior experience with iPhone TrueDepth camera, Kinect sensors, or other structured light sensors;
— Prior experience with training, iterating, and deploying models on Google Cloud Platform.

If you are passionate about developing cutting-edge technologies in 3D human reconstruction, we encourage you to apply.