Akamai Technologies

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Akamai provides cloud services for delivering, optimizing and securing content and business applications over the Internet. As a global leader in content delivery network, or CDN services, the goal is to make the Internet faster, more reliable and more secure for customers and users around the world from many different industries. Akamai makes it easier for businesses around the world to deliver the best and most secure digital experiences, faster performance, stronger security, or seamless media delivery.

The Akamai Intelligent Platform is a global network of specialized cloud servers that accelerate and secure the delivery of web content and web applications on behalf of many of the world’s leading brands.

The Akamai Intelligent Platform is a distributed cloud computing platform that operates worldwide. It is a network of over 350,000 servers deployed in more than 135 countries. These servers reside in more than 1,500 of the world’s networks gathering real-time information about traffic, congestion, and trouble spots.