Ajax Systems — розробник і виробник систем безпеки Ajax із можливостями розумного дому. Це ціла екосистема з 50 пристроїв, мобільних і десктопних застосунків, серверної інфраструктури.
9 січня 2023

Middle DevOps Engineer


Ajax Systems is a Ukrainian full-cycle company working from idea generation and R&D to mass production and sales. We do everything: we produce physical devices (the system includes many different sensors and hubs), write firmware for them, develop the server part and release mobile applications.

Our infrastructure is a part of the product that is invisible to the end user, but critical to the life of the entire system. The safety of our users and their property depends on our uptime. We are constantly developing our cloud solutions and this requires automating our infrastructure, testing and improving its fault tolerance. For this purpose we are looking for DevOps Engineer.


  • 3+ years of experience as a DevOps engineer.
  • Experience with managing Linux-based systems, TCP/IP networking.
  • Experience with IaC and config management tools such as Terraform, Ansible.
  • Experience writing code in one or more languages, such as Python, Bash, Groovy.
  • Experience with AWS stack: VPC, IAM, EC2, RDS, Elasticache, Route53, Lambda etc.
  • Experience in creating continuous integration and continuous delivery CI/CD with Jenkins CI.
  • Experience with git, Docker.


  • Elasticsearch stack (self-managed).
  • Kubernetes (AWS EKS) + Helm.
  • Message brokers: NATS, Kafka.
  • Databases: MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL.
  • Hashicorp tools: Terragrunt, Vault, Packer.
  • Monitoring/Alerting: Datadog, OpsGenie.
  • Others: JVM, Gradle.


  • Proactively participate in the platform development:
    • extend and support current CI/CD;
    • provide cost optimization plans;
    • migrate to new AWS architecture;
    • build proactive monitoring;
    • take part in migration to Kubernetes.
  • On-duty activities (once per ~1.5 months):
    • grant access to different services;
    • troubleshoot CI/CD failures;
    • take part in an investigation on STAGE environments.
  • Availability is very important. Sometimes you will need to help with issues in production that are most critical (On-call duties).

With us you will enjoy:

  • Medical insurance.
  • Working with a team of people to build the future of an industry.
  • Non-trivial challenges and various specter of interesting tasks.
  • A flexible, friendly and collaborative work environment.
  • Corporate culture based on common sense.
  • Opportunities to influence the creation of new products and their quality.