Ajax Systems — розробник і виробник систем безпеки Ajax із можливостями розумного дому. Це ціла екосистема з 50 пристроїв, мобільних і десктопних застосунків, серверної інфраструктури.
1 березня 2023

Lead Embedded Platform Engineer


Ajax Systems is a full-cycle company working from idea generation and R&D to mass production and sales. We do everything: we produce physical devices (the system includes many different sensors and hubs), write firmware for them, develop the server part and release mobile applications. The whole team is in one office in Kyiv, all technical and product decisions are made locally.

Not so long ago we released a new version of our Hub OS and named it Malevich, now we are looking for Embedded Engineers who are ready to make our system better with us. For us never could be enough: there are still a lot of new functionality, sensors, features to make our system even cooler.

We are looking for a person who is experienced in embedded software development and already challenged by how FW delivery processes aren’t perfect in the embedded world. The role of the Lead Embedded Platform Engineer is to build and continuously improve tools and processes for delivering firmware from developers through various verifications to end users.

Required skills:

  • Leading engineering teams;
  • Strong skills in various build systems;
  • Excellent knowledge of C programming language;
  • Experience in debugging and validating complex embedded systems and protocol stack;
  • Good hands-on experience of software engineering fundamentals such as testing, pull requests and code reviews, source control, work item/issue tracking;
  • Scripting languages Python, Bash.

Would be a plus:

  • Knowledge of continuous integration/continuous delivery infrastructure solutions. Such as Jenkins, TeamCity, GitHub actions, Bitbucket Pipelines, CircleCi etc;
  • Scripting languages used in CI systems, such as Groovy;
  • Experience with MCU’s;
  • Experience with hardware in the loop testing;
  • Commercial experience in developing embedded real-time applications for IoT products as a Software Engineer;
  • Experience in commercial IoT projects as a DevOps;
  • Ability to multitask effectively among different projects in a fast-paced environment.

Nevermind if there is no commercial experience with technologies from the list above. What matters is that you, as an engineer, are willing to learn some of these technologies in a hands-on manner.

Responsibility zone:

  • As an Lead Embedded Platform Engineer you will work with developers and SDeT to oversee the code releases, combining an understanding of both engineering and coding by:
    • Building and setting up new development tools and infrastructure;
    • Working on ways to automate and improve development, release, and deployment processes;
    • Working with software developers to ensure that development follows processes;
    • Demonstrate best engineering practices, documentation, and ownership;
  • Delivery highly reliable Malevich OS releases;
  • Maintain project in pure C;
  • Be ready to mentoring of newcomers|trainee coworkers;
  • Be ready to lead a team of engineers to achieve goals and challenges.

With us you will enjoy:

  • Working with a team of people to build the future of an industry;
  • Non-trivial challenges and various specter of interesting tasks;
  • A flexible, friendly and collaborative work environment;
  • Corporate culture based on common sense.

Let’s become a part of the team that creates a smart and useful global product!