AI EdgeLabs is a U.S. — based startup, a team of tech geeks who are passionately working on the release of an AI cyber solution. The main feature of the product is threat detection and remediation on the Edge/IoT where attacks occur, not on the cloud when it’s too late.

We already have interest from such giants on the market as Intel, Deloitte, Red Hat, etc.

Our Solution Portfolio

Protection Suite™ An anti-fraud toolkit for mobile marketers and user acquisition PROs to analyze ad campaign data across all stages, from clicks to unlocking post-install events analytics to protect marketing spend.

AI Edgelabs™ AI-powered cybersecurity platform that brings advanced network visibility, early threat detection, and automated incident response in the edge or on-prem environments.

AI EdgeLabs People

Our technology is changing the way the world works, lives, plays, and learns, but our people are what makes us go beyond. Our people are the heart of AI EdgeLabs, with each individual bringing their unique talents to the table, making it possible to build the most accurate and reliable high-tech solutions for our clients.

Our Teammates are located in Ukraine, the USA, Poland and the Checz Republic. We vote for diversity.

Our values

People. Our people are our greatest asset.

Product. Quality and innovation are in our DNA.

Passion. We are damn passionate about AI.

On the edge. We always do more than it’s needed to achieve the best results possible.

The perks and benefits of working at AI EdgeLabs

We are always looking for the best means to offer our employees a professional, safe, and enjoyable work environment that fosters enthusiasm, positive relationships, and effective teamwork.


• Competitive salary and annual review processes
• Tax coverage


• 20 business days of paid vacation days per year
• Paid official holidays
• 7 business days of sick leaves
• Paternity and maternity leaves
• Events
• Gifts on special occasions
• Charity activities

Our team is constantly learning and growing their skills and is always happy to share their knowledge, further cultivating their potential by inspiring and nurturing growth. The drive to share knowledge and self-improve is at the core of our culture.

Talent Development

• Access to industry expertise and innovative technologies
• Modern technology stack
• Training compensation
• Educational events
• Knowledge sharing team
• Certifications

Join AI EdgeLabs

We are looking for like-minded team members who are able to look far beyond the horizon. If you want to bring innovative ideas to life and are in love with data, we would love to talk to you!

Join our team!

Hiring process (may vary depending on the position)

CV review => Intro & Screen Call with HR => Competency & Technical Interviews => Test Task => Job Offer

Equal Opportunity Employer

At AI EdgeLabs, all qualified applicants will be considered for employment in a transparent, non-discriminatory environment that is committed to diversity and inclusion. We prohibit discrimination or harassment of any kind based on race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, genetic information, age, disability, veteran status, or any other protected characteristic as outlined by federal, state, or local laws.

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