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12 апреля 2021

FullStack JavaScript/TypeScript Developer (senior)

удаленно $3000–5000

Необходимые навыки

— Good spoken and written English
— Knowledge of data structures and algorithms
— At least 5 years experience as a JavaScript/TypeScript developer
— Strong knowledge of modern JavaScript/TypeScript
— Approximate understanding of how browsers work under the hood
— Knowledge of CSS or SCSS. Understanding how selectors work
— Knowledge of application-level network protocols (HTTP)
— Experience with Websockets will be a plus
— Understanding of what is JWT and why it’s needed
— Knowledge of React, Angular. Vue.js will also work, but you will be working with React or Angular anyway
— Knowledge of NodeJS
— Experience in working with DBs will be a plus
— Understanding of how web servers work under the hood
— Experience with AWS will be a plus


— Proper compensation
— Coverage of paid certifications
— Teambuilding events
— Microbonuses system
— Remote
— 20 days vacation
— 24 days sick-leave

About the interview process ( a.k.a. a bonus for those who can read so much text):
1. We have only one interview — a deep technical interview
2. The interview consists of two rounds, one hour each

Topics we usually cover:
— Networking — OSI model, NAT, DNS, TCP/IP, routing tables, ports forwarding
— Linux/Unix — shell commands, output redirection, processes and signals
— Containers — working with containers, building images, pushing images to image repositories. Difference between virtual machines and containers

— Working with Git
— Cloud computing models (IaaS, PaaS, FaaS). Differences and application of each model
— Working with AWS


— Planning component structure and composition to follow the overall architecture of the corresponding application
— Backend components implementation
— UI implementation based on UX/UI designs
— Cooperation with the backend team
— Cooperation with BA, UX/UI
— Writing unit tests for your code
— Performing code reviews
— Applying industry best practices and continuously learning new approaches in the software development

О проекте

You’ll join a team of professionals who work on challenging projects related to manufacturing, IoT, and data analytics.