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81...200 специалистов
McLean, Киев, Харьков, Одесса

12 вакансий

  • You’ll be joining Samewave, a well-backed, UK-based start-up set to revolutionize the world of performance management.
  • Product Owner and Tester Харьков
    Why Screenster? We believe that testing automation is unsolved problem. A big one. People willing to test struggle to use automation testing frameworks. Great coders prefer to work as developers.
  • Ruby Developer Киев
    Bleacher Report is an American digital media company based in San Francisco and covering hundreds of teams and sports around the world with an emphasis on delivering opinion-oriented analysis and multimedia programming via varied content formats and mobile technologies.
  • JavaScript developer Харьков
    Founded in 2000, Logi Analytics provides businesses the fastest and easiest way to deliver business analytics, dashboards, and reports to a broad range of users, as well as to embed them into existing applications — all for a fraction of the cost of other solutions.
  • https://youtu.be/MjeALf-MUUY TransVoyant is at the forefront of the predictive analytics space.
  • Logi Analytics enables enterprises to make better use of their data by delivering on the promise of analytics everywhere.
  • Stellar Labs is the first all-digital marketplace for private jets. Powered by an all cloud infrastructure, we connect the business aviation industry on the ground and in the sky.
  • Did you know that working in real estate in USA and Ukraine gives one of the best ratios for work/life balance? If you have aesthetic taste combined with analytical sparkling mind, enjoy posting on Facebook, Twitter that people like we might have dream job for you.
  • Asoko Insight is Africa’s leading platform for corporate data collection and business news aggregation. They are first movers in a vertical segment of a 2.5 billion dollar industry and have raised significant VC funding.
  • Screenster provides visual UI test automation for web applications. It is the only tool that validates the screens that users actually see. 10x productivity without a single line of code.
  • BARE sets the industry standard as the largest independent provider of gathering information needed to improve quality of performance, increase customer loyalty, and to train and retain employees for companies worldwide. http://www.bareinternational.com/
  • Mi9 Retail is the premier provider of enterprise software including merchandising, business intelligence, and store operations for large and medium retailers.


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