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200...800 специалистов
Киев, Харьков, Одесса, Буэнос-Айрес (Аргентина), McLean

5 вакансий в Киеве

  • The trusted platform provider of choice for more than 500,000 customers globally, VMware is the pioneer in virtualization and an innovator in cloud and business mobility.
  • Jukin Media takes the lead in user-generated entertainment by discovering, acquiring, and curating viral videos.
  • TransVoyant is at the forefront of the predictive analytics space.
  • Stellar is redefining the world of private aviation, a $30B+ industry in dire need of new, cutting-edge technology, full of fleet operators striving for a better way to run their businesses and highly-discerning customers looking for a better travel experience.
  • On behalf of VMware, AgileEngine is looking for a Senior/Lead Angular Engineer to join our team in Kyiv. Do you want to learn about new groundbreaking networking and cloud technologies in a hands-on, fun and exhilarating environment?