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Київ, Львів, Буенос-Айрес (Аргентина), Краків (Польща), Мехіко (Мексика), Сан-Паулу (Бразилія)

30 січня 2021 22:30

Vitalii Kotliar, React Native Developer з 2018 року

I’ve been working here at AgileEngine for three years. There are many cool things about the company I could highlight, the most valuable of them for me personally are:
— Low bureaucracy. You can just get what you need without a headache
— Team of professionals. People who love to get new friends, help each other in any situation and, for sure, code a lot
— Modern tech stack
— Sunny comfortable offices. And that’s true, check out the photos
— Professional growth and flexibility. You can choose a project that fits your skills, professional and personal kinds. And then change the world!

AE is the best company I know yet. And we continue to grow continuously, more and more awesome project managers, programmers, recruiters, people partners and other professionals joining us every month. Who knows, perhaps you are the next!


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