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Great ideas require great execution, and great execution requires a strong team of brilliant people working together to reach the common goal.

As we started helping friends (and friends-of-friends) in the software industry build up their own teams based on these learnings, the results were phenomenal, and in 2015, we have launched Agile Fuel as a very selective, high-touch, boutique service to bring this approach to others as well.

We know this very well, because we have walked the walk. Since the early 2000s, our two founders have worked for tech startups, giant software companies, and consulting firms in the Bay Area and beyond, and eventually founded a few companies of our own as well. One of them, a B2B enterprise SaaS company, has become a major player in its industry. The biggest key to our success in both building the core product and scaling the technical implementations was the ability, and the processes we have created, to hire the right people quickly and effectively as part of our remote office in Ukraine, and integrate them into our team while retaining and growing our culture—all within the typical constraints of being a bootstrapped, and later venture-funded, startup. These people have been our biggest investment, our greatest value, and our main competitive advantage.

We recruit and support high-quality dedicated engineering teams that work out of our offices in Ukraine and are tailored specifically to each client’s technical requirements, culture, and communication needs.

We are stack-agnostic, because we focus on finding the right people for the specific needs, however commonplace or esoteric they may be.

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