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Компания AIR (Agency of Internet Rights) является официальным партнером YouTube с 2011 года. Мы помогаем креаторам развиваться и раскрывать свой потенциал, создаем рекламные проекты с брендами и задаем тренды в мире YouTube. AIR предлагает несколько основных направлений: 1. AIR Network: партнерская программа для блогеров; 2.
16 апреля 2019

Business Analyst (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

Field Skills:
Agile/Waterfall methodologies

Know how:
Analyze requirements and gather them: Process flow diagram, Business process model text, Product vision
Set tasks to dev: User stories/Use cases, Wireframes
Create/update/maintain the documentation: Entity relation diagram, Data dictionary
Write test cases and perform test acceptance
Work with DB (write SQL queries to analyze data, understand DB concepts)

Visual modeling tool (Power designer, Visio, draw.io)

Project management tool
Software development tool for Agile teams (for example, Jira)
SQL any tool
Word, Excel, Powerpoint


•Excellent career opportunities;
•Competitive remuneration based on qualification and contribution;
•Flexible working schedule, vacations, paid sick leaves;
•Good working environment;
•Great team spirit.


•Description of new business processes, updating and optimization of the existing ones and their re-engineering;
•Coordination of business processes with the customer and their adaptation to the existing IT landscape.
•Preparation of software functional requirements (automation of business processes / optimization of existing ones), including participation in the development of technical specifications.
•Preparation of documentation based on the results of business process automation;
•Development and coordination of reporting formats, ensuring the reporting automation for company departments;
•Training key users in basic IT systems skills.

О проекте

AIR (Agency of Internet Rights) is a media company for content creators.
We are an official and certified YouTube partner since 2010. Our clients are TV channels, media companies, video bloggers and opinion leaders in different areas of life (e.g. music, gaming, lifestyle, fitness, etc.).
Our partners Pepsi, Danone, McDonald’s, Panasonic, Comfy, Kyivstar, Intertop, Lifeсell и UEFA.

AIR organizes a video culture festival „VIDEOZHARA”.

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