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Київ, Івано-Франківськ, Берлін (Німеччина), Сингапур (Сінгапур)

Join Affinidi and be part of the future of identity: secure, portable, and controlled by the individual.

Affinidi empowers individuals and organizations with ownership and control of their verifiable data, to unlock value across borders and platforms.

Leveraging on the building blocks that Affinidi provides, trusted institutions and entities can issue verifiable credentials to users, which can, in turn, be shared with other applications to access services in an open and interoperable ecosystem.

Currently undergoing development are two applications that leverage Affinidi’s technology — Trustana, a curated B2B marketplace and trade platform connecting verifiable, international partners for seamless cross-border trade; and Good Worker, an online job-matching platform for seasonal workers and employers in India.

Affinidi, along with the applications Trustana and Good Worker, is seeded by Temasek, a global investment company headquartered in Singapore.

We are building a motivated and entrepreneurial team that is passionate about identity, decentralization, and technology to make this happen. This role at Affinidi provides a unique opportunity for a high-performing individual to have a broad impact. You will work closely with a talented and diverse group of engineers, product managers, and industry experts.