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Aejis is a software development company.

Aejis has been helping clients day by day since 2009. We love to do a full cycle development and turn your idea to a product. We know how to organize long-term support of your project, provide improvements and develop it to be supportable.
Together with clients we go through business challenges and help to reach defined goals. Open and trustworthy communication is our value.


We have big experiences in UI/UX design. We combine the best practices to deliver a design that will meet users’ expectations.

Our frontend developers use topnotch technologies to implement the UI in the best possible manner. We understand the pros and cons of tools like ReactJS and VueJS for the projects. We can offer the best ways to use them or avoid them in some cases.

Our mobile development team is ready to build iOS and Android apps using platform-specific tools such as Swift and Kotlin/Java as well as the latest cross-platforms — React Native and Flutter, that gives you a more flexible applications codebase with better usage of platform possibilities.

Started as a Ruby-centric company, we are growing our expertise in Ruby day by day. We are using a wide variety of technologies and frameworks which are not limited to Rails. Our developers are involved in open source development and creating new tools and libraries. We incorporated the philosophy of open source into our processes, where it makes sense.


We are experienced in the media, security, events, fitness, news areas but we are not limited to them. Our clients are from different countries: USA, UK, Sweden. We speak English and we are ready to work with companies from all over the world.


The people are our biggest value. Aejis invests in education and skills development of our employees. We are proud of employees who speak at international conferences as experts. We respect and provide diversity.

We love our informal and friendly atmosphere in Kyiv’s office. The team feels free to go there or work remotely.

Aejis believes in the strength and importance of community for sharing knowledge. We founded and support Ruby Meditation events since 2013. Also, Aejis supports the Elixir community in Ukraine — Elixir Club.