Aegis Alpha SA

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We’re here to help people be exceptional at what they do.

We’re building tools for productivity, tools for thought, tools that help people be greater and exceptional at what they do.

We’re trying to change hard paradigms to make a big difference. We’re excited to see how our users are delighted to use the products we build.

All of these are in-house projects, like small startups inside a bigger structure of a private holding company that provides us with its umbrella and support.

We believe that passion, deliberation and emotions create breathtaking experiences.
We are creators. We feel the responsibility to change the world for the better. To impact people’s lives. We thoughtfully and reasonably make every decision, and we strive to excite. We are passionate about feelings and obsessed with details. We aim for the stars, and we love to solve big and hard problems, take risks and outperform ourselves.