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Admixer provides full-stack programmatic solutions (DSP, SSP, DMP, Creative Management) for publishers, advertising agencies, and in-house advertisers. Technology we develop allows to configure ad tech solutions in order to address specific needs.

All solutions by Admixer are co-integrated into the comprehensive ecosystem, providing you with access to the single-sign-on interface with everything you need and letting you customize and configure it to solve your challenges and reach your goals.

Admixer.Network — All-in-one tech stack for Ad Network Owners and Media Holdings
• Admixer.Publisher — Full-scale ad server for effective monetization through direct ad sales and ad exchanges
• Admixer.SSP — Gateway to Admixer programmatic ecosystem for networks, sales houses, and enterprise-level publishers who share their inventory with trusted clients and agencies worldwide
• Admixer.DSP — A feature-rich proprietary RTB platform with access to large-scale inventory sources, transparent campaign management tools and exquisite targeting opportunities
• Admixer.Creatives — Technology that allows brands to produce creative online advertising for any devices within minutes
• Admixer.DMP — Built-in data management tool for audience collection, segmentation and activation
Admixer.Agency Tech Stack — Solution powering up creative agencies with data and helping them drive programmatic buying efficiency
• Player.best by Admixer — Ultimate HTML5 Video\Audio player with 100% effective inventory monetization

Headquartered in London, UK, we have offices in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Latvia, and Moldova, and data centers from California to Singapore.

By cooperating with Admixer, you get the best of our 10+ years experience in the industry, reliable technology, and world-class supply and demand to maximize your profit and face ever-changing ad environment confidently.

Join our LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/company/258884
Facebook www.facebook.com/Admixer
Instagram www.instagram.com/admixertechnologies/

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