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#ADINDEX is a Ukraine-based digital marketing agency with 10 years of experience, over 40 + experts onboard, and 10+ outsourced specialists. We are the Premier Google Partners Agency. We help businesses grow, increase the number of customers, and boost online sales.

Currently, we have more than 35 ongoing projects. It’s mainly medium-sized and large businesses. Among the services, retail and apps. Half of the agency turnover is from Europe and a bit from the USA.

On average, for the past year, we increased clients’ sales and traffic by up to 30%.

Over the last year, we spent more than 1 million dollars on Google Ads and half a million — on social advertising.

Areas in which we work:

Paid advertising (PPC).
SMM promotion.
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).
Local business promotion.
Omnichannel Internet Marketing.

We work in Ukrainian and foreign markets.

The company’s goal is to grow along with the growth of customers’ business.
We are focused on long-term partnerships.
Our customers are our partners and friends.
Openness in processes and results is the main principle of our work.