ADF Solutions

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ADF Solutions is an American company creating innovative digital forensics applications for law enforcement agencies, the defense sector, and private corporations. As a leading cyber and digital forensics software company, ADF’s mission is to empower investigators and forensic examiners to quickly and easily gather evidence, identify suspects, protect victims, and solve investigations.

Our approach to digital forensics is unique and focuses on the most relevant information, extracted extremely fast, to be used on-scene and in the labs. Our products collect data from a wide variety of target devices, from computers, to storage media, to mobile phones. We proudly serve users worldwide who can act fast and avoid creating a backlog of digital exhibits.

ADF was founded in 2005 and over the years has developed a strong culture of innovations, constant evolution, and results. Our first-class development team in Ukraine has years of experience in digital forensics and is comfortable with the many technology stacks that we use. Our projects are constantly evolving to innovate and keep up with the domain’s rapid changes. In our team, everyone matters and participates in key decisions. When hiring we care as much about your technical knowledge as we care about finding smart and enjoyable teammates.

Join us to work on state-of-the-art technologies in a challenging field, with a great team!