We help companies and their leaders to grab opportunities and extend their operations, opening R&D and Delivery centers with us. We have more than 10 years of experience and proven track-records of building lasting relationships with clients, scaling operational efficiency and human-touch management.
23 ноября 2021

Senior Full-Stack Node.JS Developer


Необходимые навыки

4+ years of experience developing web-based commercial software products
Excellent knowledge of Node.JS, npm, TypeScript and JavaScript
Experience with SOA / micro-services and developing performant & scalable applications
Understanding of web development paradigms (RESTful APIs, pub/sub, security)
Very good written and spoken English, used day-to-day in a professional environment

Necessary soft skills:
Mature, self-organized and responsible person
Able and willing to help other team members with their tasks where needed

Будет плюсом

Understanding of OOP and SOLID principles
Understanding of and experience with relational and non-relational databases
Experience with webpack, yarn, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, SPA
Understanding of Progressive Web Apps and Accelerated Mobile Pages
Experience with Git or another DVCS
Familiarity with Jenkins, Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket
Experience with some of the following: CSS-preprocessors (LESS, SASS), Docker and Kubernetes, Kafka, WebSockets, MQTT, gRPC, MessagePack, protobuf


Deliver readable, testable and reusable code by following best practices, using unit tests and creating and maintaining appropriate documentation
Participate in the analysis of the product requirements by meeting and discussing them with developers, product owners and other stakeholders
Participate in the planning of the delivery pipeline by estimating time required for delivery, analyzing dependencies between different software elements and improving visibility for other team members and teams
Take an active role in root cause analysis and troubleshooting of misbehaving applications by analyzing run-time functional and performance metrics and fixing bugs
Participate in the repurposing of existing software components on changes of product features or architecture by improving and refactoring

О проекте

We are a fast-growing tech company that develops products and provides services for the online industry. We provide scalable and flexible solutions to our clients around the globe and achieve unrivalled time to market. Our main goal is to deliver high quality software for competitive markets. We invest in product innovation and personalization. Our platforms are modular and support big data.

We are taking over an existing product and have started reimplementation to apply modern architecture, software development and process paradigms, frameworks and tools. We create and use services and APIs to make different functionalities less dependent on each other to create, change and scale. Our teams are multi-disciplinary and with few dependencies between them. We use Agile practices, processes and tools. We use .Net Core 3.1 with domain driven design, large-scale message brokers like Kafka and RabbitMQ, databases like MongoDB, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL to store data, and Docker and Kubernetes to scale our applications.