software platform designed for Call Center industry — currently mix of .Net, C#, C++, Java, SQL, Asterisk — running on MS Server 2012 and CentOS
15 марта 2019

.NET, C#, Fullstack Developer/Architect

удаленно $3050–3800

Необходимые навыки

.NET, C#, developer/architect to support our existing platform, winforms (not ASP.NET), http, remoting, data access. Microsoft Enterprise library application blocks. Patterns (DAAB, exception handling, security, state, façade, etc.). Http, .net remoting, WCF, REST, tcp/ip stack. Load balancing, redundant services, failover, 3rd party services integration. Experience in building complex services with high load. Expertise in profiling services for bottlenecks and concurrency issues (deadlocks, livelocks). Experience with SQL server.

Будет плюсом

Experience in development of applications in 2-3 fullstack platforms. Any experience with Cisco Firewalls, PCI compliance work and requirements, any familiarity, direct work or specific knowledge of metrics, operational methods or general activities of call centers


We will maintain 1 month salary payment in advance at all times so that it does not matter when you are paid during the month, you will always be 1 payment ahead


manage yourself, your assigned tasks, work with team members, learn as much as you can about AcuCall CenterMaster Platform and how it functions programmatically

О проекте

this is ongoing work on AcuCall existing software platform and can also be work on our new platform. You will be working with team members located in the Ukraine and also located in Bulgaria and Russia.

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