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Access Softek is US-based software development company, started 30 years ago in Berkeley, CA. Today, we have offices opened in New-York city, Chicago, Ohio, Vancouver (Canada) and our head office in California (Berkeley). Since 1986 we continue to unveil cutting-edge innovations to over 400 bank and credit union customers in the USA.
28 октября 2020

Senior JavaScript Developer (Remote, Full-time) (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

Primary responsibilities:
— Writing code with built-in quality — identify and analyse corner cases, design and implement unit and integration tests, participate in building API and end-to-end tests if necessary
— Automate build and deployment of your code to the infrastructure
— Develop UI components using React
— Participate in code reviews
— Hold active position on delivering results of your work to production, actively collaborate with your team members and stakeholders to make sure all necessary details are covered — PM, QA, QA Automation, DevOps

Будет плюсом

Beneficial, but not essential:
— Knowledge and practical experience of C#.NET, ASP.NET stack i.e. you experienced in Visual Studio IDE, know concepts of .NET framework and ASP.NET development
— Understanding of distributed systems design and cloud computing
— Working experience or understanding of the AWS platform, Serverless, CloudFormation, etc.
— Basic understanding of Docker and containers


Our benefits:
— Work from anywhere in the world!
— Senior development team.
— Long-term employment.
— Competitive salary.
— Paid vacation (15 days off in a year) and national holidays.
— Paid sick leave and internal medical insurance policy.
— Global corporate events for all employees.
— Partial or full compensation for training.
— Provision of computer equipment.
— Internet compensation (50$ per month).


Required skills and qualifications:
— 3+ years of web application development experience
— Strong knowledge of JavaScript design patterns, best practices, and technologies (OOP, MVC/MVVM, REST, SPA, AMD, micro-frontends)
— Strong knowledge of ES5+ and TypeScript
— Strong knowledge of Async workflows (promises, async/await)
— Strong knowledge of one of the modern frameworks (React, Angular, Vue.js or Svelte)
— Experience with Node.js and JS build tools (Webpack, Gulp)
— Experience building web applications that have good separation of concerns, proper layers of source abstraction, containment and reusable components
— Strong skills in HTML/CSS + CSS preprocessors (LESS/SASS)
— Good understanding of UI/UX designs best practices
— Aware of web security best practices
— Excellent problem solving and debugging skills
— Familiarity with DVCS (git or hg)
— Strong team player and good time management skills
— Good understanding of Agile methodologies, like Scrum
— Intermediate English(ability to read, write) or above

О проекте

Access Softek started developing software 30 years ago in Berkeley, California. Now, we have offices all over the United States and around the world, and are growing by the day! Our software is in use by over 350+ financial institutions, helping them to reach millions of customers and shape communities across the country.

Morpheus Banking department is looking for a Senior JavaScript Developer who is also eager to learn AWS cloud technologies.

💻 Together with the existing team, you will be transforming an existing Online Banking Solution (ASP.NET MVC, Orchard, Kendo UI + jQuery, classical three-tier architecture) to AWS based cloud-native solution (ASP.NET Core, Orchard Core, AWS Fargate, React).
This is an opportunity for candidates to learn a lot about financial technologies and new serverless approaches and patterns in system architecture. We are looking for persons who are team workers and ready to work in the full-stack team and it’s more about mindset than technical skills, i.e. if the team needs your help, you should not afraid to take this responsibility, figure out details, and do your best.

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