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Access Softek is a digital banking software company headquartered in Berkeley, California. The company has also offices in Chicago and New York.
Since 1986 we continue to unveil cutting-edge innovations to over 400 bank and credit union customers in the USA.
Access Softek provides a complete omnichannel solution that helps financial institutions grow revenue, attract and retain users, and compete in their markets with innovative software built atop the foundational Four Pillars of digital banking: online banking, mobile banking, omnichannel lending, and omnichannel account opening.
Our history of innovative digital banking solutions includes the first app-based mobile banking; the first triple play of app, WAP, and SMS banking; and continues with industry-leading use of AI and machine learning.

Today our company is staffed with more than 300 employees, and the number is constantly growing.
The prevailing majority of our employees are dedicated to digital banking (engineering, development, implementation, support, product management, and other functions.)
We occasionally use contractors outside of the USA for technical and development work. Each of our contractors has a long-term relationship with Access Softek, is guided by confidentiality contracts, and is known to us personally as well as professionally.

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