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Since 2012 when AboutHR (our first recruiting agency) was established we have met a lot of managers of IT start-ups and other tech companies facing enormous difficulties with staffing their IT teams. Except for generally high demand on IT professionals, there are various reasons for this — lack of resources for sourcing and screening candidates, unavailability of internal recruiting teams, unknown employment brand, need to hire a large number of developers within a short period of time, establishing operations in new locations and so on.

Our IT recruiting professional services solve all these issues.

With us:

⭐️ Companies start receiving quality candidates within 5-10 days after signing a service contract.

⭐️ Companies save dozens of hours of their time for recruiting as they receive only quality candidates. 98% of submitted candidates go to technical interviews.

⭐️ Vacancies of our clients are filled after submission of 4-6 candidates.

What benefits we offer to our clients:

📌 Our team consists of 10+ recruiters and we can help staff whole teams within 2-3 months.

📌 We assist in hiring candidates in 10+ countries in the European region + locally in the USA and Canada.

📌 We work with clients from the USA, the UK, Germany, Israel, the Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, Japan, Norway, Austria and many other countries and this lets us understand peculiarities of clients from various locations.

📌 Our clients often say that we are the best recruiting agency they have ever worked with.