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Харьков, Лондон (Великобритания)

12 вакансий

  • Middle/Senior Full-Stack Developer (Node+Angular) $3000–5500 Харьков, удаленно
    The customer company offers comprehensive e-commerce solutions that provide product sellers with tools to create and manage their own corporate website, including marketing, customer service, order fulfillment, automated warehouses and delivery solutions that will move their...
  • Copywriter / Content manager Харьков, удаленно
    A-Lead is looking for a Copywriter / Content manager. Our customer: Conversational sales platform that helps sales and marketing people build and grow the pipeline in email correspondence.
  • Senior Blockchain (Solidity) Developer $5000–7000 Харьков, удаленно
    A-LISTWARE welcomes a Senior Blockchain (Solidity) Developer. Our Customer: The project is a blockchain platform for crypto accounting and bookkeeping, dedicated to empowering accounting teams, finance teams, and bookkeepers.
  • A-LISTWARE is looking for a Full-Stack Developer (Angular+Python).
  • A-LISTWARE is looking for a Senior DevOps Engineer.
  • Python Tech Lead до $4000 Харьков, удаленно
    A-LISTWARE is looking for a Python Tech Lead.
  • Senior Node.js Developer $2000–4000 Харьков, удаленно
    Product is an AI-driven trading platform (trading, strategies, bots).
  • Senior Full-Stack Developer (Node+Angular) $3000–6000 Харьков, удаленно
    A-LISTWARE is looking for a Senior Full-Stack Developer (Node+Angular).
  • Senior Full-Stack Developer (React+Node.js) $4000–5000 удаленно
    A-LISTWARE is looking for an experienced Full-Stack Developer (React+Node.js) Our Customer: Offers a vehicle health management solution that predicts and prevents failures, detects malfunctions and performance degradation, and yields actionable insights based on deep root-cause...
  • Senior Python Developer $4500–7000 Харьков, удаленно
    We offer several projects: — A technology and marketing company headquartered in Manhattan, NY, who provide powerful marketing tool using a patented technology which allows businesses to capture shopper identity and item level data in real-time from purchases made in store...
  • Senior Golang Developer до $4500 Харьков, удаленно
    A-LISTWARE is looking for a Senior Golang Developer. Our Customer: Product is an AI-driven trading platform (trading, strategies, bots).
  • Middle QA Manual Engineer до $1600 Харьков, удаленно
    A-LISTWARE is looking for a Middle QA Manual Engineer. Our customer: Our Customer gives the opportunity to sell various products with Voice Assistants.