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Company 90 percent of everything is transported by sea. At 90 POE, we help ship owners and operators take care of the other percentages that matter. We understand that many of the factors influencing this industry can’t be controlled. Overall demand, oil prices and the weather are out of your hands. But you can control how you respond to them.
24 февраля 2021

Automation QA Engineer

Киев, удаленно

Необходимые навыки

• Automation QA with a minimum of 3 years’ experience in Automation
• Experience in using JIRA and for bugs triage
• Basic understanding of Docker, Kubernetes, gRPC
• Understanding GraphQL and REST
• Experience with executing automation tests on CI
• Experience in working with cloud-based environments and microservices
• Strong experience in JavaScript and Cypress
• Strong experience in Automating frontend, backend and API testing
• Knowledge of Agile and ability to work in fast-paced environment

Past experience
Demonstrated track record and proficiency in the points below:
• Tested software from End-to-End perspective
• Worked within the team or individually
• Able to prioritise testing within the given time and resources
• Automated testing
• Working with CI/CD practices
• Writing and maintaining test scripts
• Collaborating in small and fast paced teams
• Full knowledge of Bug Life cycle
• Understanding of STLC concept

More about you
• Good level of English
• Willingness to learn and open mind about new technologies
• Confident to operate in a fast-paced environment
• Use a collaborative approach and willingness to engage in an environment of active idea sharing
• Able to learn autonomously
• Use excellent all-round communications skills

Будет плюсом

• ISTQB or similar certification in Software Testing
• Development background
• Experience with mobile testing
• Experience with performance, security, and accessibility testing


• Working with latest cutting-edge technologies
• Disrupting a century old industry in a startup environment
• Opportunity to grow and develop your core skills
• Work with a diverse multicultural team in an agile environment
• Variety of knowledge sharing and self-development opportunities
• Competitive salary
• State of the art, cool, centrally located offices with warm atmosphere, which creates good working conditions
• Opportunity to travel to client offices based in London
• Experience firsthand the squad-chapter-guild workflow model, our version of the Spotify model


• Being able to write acceptance tests and end to end tests in JavaScript
• Ensure that code quality is maintained throughout the development cycle
• Explain the benefits of automated testing in the Agile methodology to the team
• Help the Head of Product Stream and Technical Owner to:
o Plan requirements testing
o Ensure that enough time to write automated testing is allowed for developers
o Ensure that developers write automated testing
o Plan pre release testing
• Actively take part in all team meetings
• Maintain and improve current test frameworks used
• Participate to Chapter meeting and share best practices with other QA engineers
• Collaborate closely with all team members in order to implement best QA practices starting from the earliest stages of development
• Integrate test into software development life cycle, not at the end of the cycle (or after!). The definition of done for each ticket must include adequate tests
• Ensure that developers do not skip unit-tests in favor of other type of test: testing pyramid
• Ensure that developers share the task of writing unit tests so that automated tests are produced by software engineers as well as QA engineers
• Ensure that developers understand the importance of user acceptance tests
• Ensure that developers curate a set of realistic fake data which constitutes the foundations for user acceptance tests
• Understand the difference between types of automated tests and being able to explain to the team

О проекте

Ninety Percent of Everything is looking for an experienced professional to join the team on a full-time basis, as Automation QA Engineer.

Our goal is to revolutionise shipping by creating a suite of comprehensive software solutions for the Maritime industry. Our journey begins now. Over the next couple of years, our teams and squads will build more than 30 products from the ground up. This includes everything from global vessel tracking to vessel performance analysis, crew optimisation and so much more. This is an exciting and challenging opportunity to apply cutting-edge technology to revolutionising an iconic industry.

Our tech stack consists of React, React Native and Flutter applications communicating using GraphQL to microservice containers orchestrated by Kubernetes. Internally our services use gRPC for communication, achieve high scalability thanks to Apache Kafka based event driven architecture, persist data to a mix of RDBS and No-SQL databases including PostgresDB, MongoDB, Cassandra, S3 and Elasticsearch. We follow CI/CD and agile methodologies to deploy into production multiple times per week.


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