7th Space

до 20 специалистов

7th space is a foreign company represented in Ukraine. We develop software products, support VR halls, as well as integrate any products, sophisticated and huge equipment into the VR-plane, in order to up-date marketing decisions, set up business processes, improve communication between partners and potential customers. The result of our work is the maximum profit of our partners.

7th space is focused on development of quality products according to the individual requirements of each customer. The company attracts the best specialists in the field of development, design and integration of ideas into the VR plane. Everyone has the opportunity to work on large international projects and gain valuable experience in the team of professionals.
7th space is a company that is nice to work with! We understand that the main value of the company is its employees, so we do everything to ensure comfortable working conditions and opportunities for self-development. For young professionals we offer training support, for more experienced — the opportunity for professional growth and development. We try to be not only colleagues who work on one thing, but also friends who are always ready to support each other in any situation.

We believe in people, a passion for work, a desire to change the world and a perseverance to achieve all of this. We believe that the most powerful sources of success are inner motivation and a great team, so we strive to connect with like-minded professionals to jointly implement great ideas!

Our team is free of bureaucracy! Come and see for yourself!
Send your CV to hr@uavr.de

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