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6-Systems is a Full Service IT Provider and domain expert for Car Sharing. Innovative, mission critical solutions are developed by the team of 100+ highly creative and motivated professionals. Our company belongs to Sixt, which has been operating for 100 years and is currently the most profitable Car Rental Company in the world.
10 августа 2020

Senior React Developer (вакансия неактивна)

Киев, удаленно $3500–4500

We are looking for frontend developers to join our web development team. In this role you will be developing the most profitable functionality of the website sixt.com. The highload website enables car rental business in more than 110 countries and offers customers digital access to more than 270 000 vehicles worldwide.

* Proficient in using modern Javascript (ES6+ or Typescript)
* Good knowledge of React and the respective concepts (virtual dom pro/con, react hooks, etc.)
* Experience in CSS preprocessors (sass, stylus, less, postcss)
* Popular CSS practices: BEM, OOCSS, CSS-in-JS, CSS Modules etc.
* Automated tests for react components (puppeteer, cypress.io, chai, mocha, jest, ava)
* Familiar with build/bundling tools such as webpack
* Experience in a remote SCRUM team involving all the rituals — daily meetings, groomings, plannings, etc
* Other utils — git, UNIX, JIRA, etc.

Nice to have:
* Good experience to use Docker and CI/CD pipeline
* Any experience with other frontend frameworks (vue.js, svelte, backbone, etc)

We offer:
* High salary (settlement to euro)
* Full time employment as internal employee of Sixt TECH Ukraine
* Career and professional growth in an international concern
* English and German courses at company expense
* Social package
* Medical insurance
* Free dinners
* Gym

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