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25 листопада 2022

Security Engineer - Cryptography (вакансія неактивна)

Київ, віддалено

4ire labs is looking for a skilled Security Engineer — Cryptography

● BS in Computer Science or equivalent with 5+ years of industry experience;
● Object-oriented design and coding skills for example, one or more of C++, Java, Python, Go;
● In-depth knowledge of elliptic-curve cryptography, threshold signature schemes, Secure Multi-party computation(S-MPC), secp256k1, Ed25519, X25519, SHA2, SHA3, Blake3, ECDSA, Argon2, Shamir’s secret sharing, Pallier cryptosystem, Damgard-Jurik cryptosystemCI/CD, testing strategies, and serve as a key technical member of the Studio/Venture;
● Deep understanding of cryptographic techniques for differential privacy, selective disclosure, and non-repudiation, BBS+ signatures, k-anonymity, authenticated encryption, message authentication codes (MACs), zero-knowledge;
● Responsible for the overall development life cycle of the solution and manage complex projects with significant bottom line impact;
● Knowledge of distributed systems design and implementation, large scale
automation and workflow management, database design and implementation;
● Knowledge and experience with standards from bodies like NIST (FIPS, AAL) and RSA (PKCS);
● Understanding of PKI, PGP, cryptographic certificates;
● Experience with identity- and role-based access control management, Authentication and authorization protocols, OAuth 2.0, OpenID, SAML 2.0, Multi-factor authentication;
● Deep understanding in building infrastructure of IBM HSM and Intel SGX.

● Design, implement and deploy cryptographic algorithms on hardware covering but not limited to: post-quantum cryptosystems and stream ciphers;
● Conduct research and development in hardware implementation and optimization and side-channel analysis and countermeasure;
● Perform security assessments of either crypto-primitives or cryptosystems at the theoretical and implementation level;
● Work closely with the Digital Asset team and other teams in the organization to design end-to-end secure communication protocols using state-of-the art and customized cryptographic algorithms and primitives.

Working conditions:
● 100% remote;
● Competitive compensation linked to USD rate;
● Flexible working hours in the European time zone;
● Team that is always ready to help;
● Opportunities for professional and personal growth;
● Paid vacation and sick leaves.