4A Games Limited

200...800 спеціалістів
Київ, Malta

We are 4A Games! — a multinational video game development studio based in Malta and Ukraine. We’re known for our atmospheric and immersive first-person shooters Metro 2033, Metro: Last Light, Metro Redux, ARKTIKA. 1 and, our latest release, Metro Exodus. The studio was founded in Kiev, Ukraine in 2005 by a passionate team of game industry veterans with the goal of creating AAA-quality games. In 2014, the studio moved its headquarters, along with over 50 team members and their families, from Ukraine to the island of Malta.

All our experience, talent and enthusiasm are directed into creating games with deep stories, unique gameplay elements and highly-detailed realistic environments. Moreover, our in-house developed 4A Engine is constantly evolving — to go in line with latest industry trends and deliver amazing experiences on any modern machine. At the heart of the company, there are currently over 150 talented designers, programmers, artists, effects specialists and writers from all over the world, with diverse and unique backgrounds — bringing countless years of experience in and love towards computer games.

Design, gameplay, atmosphere and player experience are the pillars of our games. And that doesn’t only touch upon corresponding departments — if any of us has a suggestion, we’re always welcome to share it, even though it may not be directly relevant to what we do every day. Thus, to create the best games we can is the major goal each of us strives towards. We work hard and play hard together. We are a close family: we play our games daily, we collaborate, we give feedback, we help each other find solutions and we work to complete milestones as one driven organism. We also love hanging out, partying and exploring each other’s hobbies together. Our team includes world-class writers, actors, musicians, etc., so creativity and opportunities to learn something new are always just around the corner!