4A Games Limited

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Киев, Malta

We are a multicultural video game development studio known for our atmospheric first-person shooters Metro 2033, Metro: Last Light, Metro Redux, ARKTIKA.1, and our latest release, Metro Exodus.

ABOUT US — www.4a-games.com.mt
The studio was established in Kyiv, Ukraine in 2005 by experienced game industry professionals with the aim of creating premium quality games for the latest generation gaming hardware and personal computers. In Summer 2014, the studio moved its headquarters and over 50 members of staff and their families from Ukraine to Malta. In January of 2020, we opened a brand new custom built office in Kyiv and moved our existing local team there.

All our experience, talent and enthusiasm go into creating games with deep story, unique gameplay elements, and highly detailed believable environments. In addition to that, our in-house developed 4A Engine is constantly evolving with the latest industry trends, and being highly scale-able, delivers good performance on older devices while providing amazing visuals on high-end machines.

Currently at the heart of the company are over 150 talented designers, programmers, artists, sound specialists, and writers from all over the world, with a diverse and unique set of backgrounds, bringing years of experience in software development and computer games in particular.

We are driven first and foremost by our Design department. Gameplay, Player Experience, and Atmosphere are king. While we do have feature owners, we welcome ideas and feedback from anywhere and anyone. It doesn’t matter what you were hired for, if you want to put in the effort to help make a feature better, we encourage you to be a part of the process. Building from this, our team is primarily self-driven, and we are responsible for our own time management to get the job done. To balance this however, we do have traditional management structures in place which help ensure we meet our goals on time.

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