12 липня 2017 20:20

Ruslana Bobrivska, TRIOS Ready Coordinator з 2015 року

I’ve worked at 3Shape for 3 years (till April, 2017). To avoid all the philosophy regarding “who and where is right, and who’s not” as traditioned below, I’d say this is a very good place to work. Especially when you are entry-level (like I was when I started). The company has a name, reputation, and the experience one can receive here is indeed valuable (e. g., international communication, language skills improvement, good managing tips, and the ability to see a “non post-soviet” business structure, etc). The achievements at 3Shape, as considered for self and professional development, gave me some clearance of what I want to do next, and opportunity to explore and practice business techniques in a different (more desirable) environment. This is considering the fact that I do not have an appropriate educational background (refers to the job title). I left this company, because the place was too cozy, secure and warm for me:) But if one’s head screwed on right, one may assure a lot of profit here, depending on the aim.


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