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81...200 специалистов
Киев, Копенгаген (Дания), Lima (Peru), Malang (Indonesia)

24Slides is a team of more than 100 professional designers who specialize in presentations. We have offices in Denmark and Indonesia.

We want to showcase the incredible talent and competitiveness of designers in emerging countries by giving them the tools to compete in the global market.
But it’s not just about providing exceptional design services at affordable prices. It’s about building a better, fairer model of digital outsourcing.

Whether it’s our custom-built office with free lunches, a giant slide and sleeping pods, or our development courses covering language,
entrepreneurship and much more, we’re committed to investing in the social and professional development of our designers in Indonesia.

Because ultimately, our mission is to redefine the idea of outsourcing in the global market and create a brighter future for all talent in emerging countries.