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Киев, Минск (Беларусь)

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Zerohub provides software development services in FinTech and Blockchain related industries. While technology and functionality is our primary goal, we pay extra attention to users’ security and data protection.

All Zerohub employees are able to influence our products and can freely express their position and personal vision of the product future development.

We organize team meetings on a regular basis for every employee to have a better understanding of the company’s plans and goals, as well as correct task priorities. There, we discuss current issues, plans, and tasks in a constructive manner.

Our employees have an option either to work remotely or visit one of Zerohub’s joyful and productive offices — in Kyiv, Kaliningrad or Minsk.

At Zerohub, we are aware of all the latest news, events and rumors of the crypto industry, make investments in digital assets or crypto projects and gain profit from this activity.

All our employees have a flexible working schedule and are always able to find time for personal matters.

We are used to having clear and simple, yet challenging tasks, where anybody can ask for help and receive constructive comments and recommendations.

Join our friendly team with interesting projects, stable and fair compensation, and a convenient work schedule.

Zerohub is your best choice for creating grand crypto products.