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{j: Mind. Systems} is all-about-technology company where high-level tasks are being set and solved. Providing expert consulting, full-cycle product development and support we are devoted to deliver market unique solutions and grow our expertise. We are proud to be a part of TECHIIA holding.

Our mission is to go above the customer’s expectations by bringing together quality service, innovation technology, talented people, and the highest programming standards.

Career at {j: Mind. Systems} :

Benefits of working with us :

  • Challenging and innovative projects
  • Flexible hours approach and remote working
  • Professional growth: lectures and seminars, access to educational materials, paid training and courses outside the company
  • Corporate and team-building events, where we celebrate the successes and achievements of our teams and the company
  • Comfortable working conditions: an office with all the modern conveniences (including snacks, game rooms and many other amenities)
  • Comfortable and pet-friendly workspace
  • Strong financial package, paid vacation and sick leave

At {j: Mind. Systems} we are constantly looking for new talents that have a fresh perspective, creative ideas and strong technical background.

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