А также: Маркетинг 45, Unity 14, Embedded 11, Дизайн 88, Системный администратор 40, Flash/Flex 16, Other 112, Sales 65, Analyst 64, Node.js 48, HR 45, Support 37, Product manager 28, DBA 22, SEO 22, Technical Writer 18, Scala 18, ERP/CRM 13, Delphi 9, Perl 7,  7

Новые вакансии

  • ZEO Alliance Ukraine welcomes talented professionals to join our team! ZEO Alliance, one of the largest IT product companies in Ukraine, has been operating at the global IT market for more than 6 years.
  • Software Test Automation Engineer в   EPAM ? Винница
    Our customer is a British low-cost airline carrier based at London. It operates domestic and international scheduled services on over 700 routes in 32 countries. It employs nearly 11,000 people, based throughout Europe but mainly in the UK.
  • Product Owner в   SimCorp ? Киев
    SimCorp Dimenssion — our Product, 30+ years on the market. #1 as IBOR solution up to results 2015. Seeking for the person interested to work at the product company and helps the team to make it better :)
  • Scrum Master в   SimCorp ? Киев
    SimCorp Dimenssion — our Product, 30+ years on the market. #1 as IBOR solution up to results 2015. Seeking for the person interested to work at the product company and helps the team to make it better :)
  • Senior .NET developer в   Luxoft ? Киев
    We are looking for a Sr. .Net developer with strong experience in C#, Winforms, WPF and SQL experience.
  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO) в   Clickky Family $5000–6000 ? Одесса
    Clickky is a leading mobile app marketing platform in the Eastern Europe and one of the biggest mobile marketing platforms in the world.
  • RP Platform is Software as a Service (SaaS) technology company. We design, create and maintain our cutting edge platform. Our browser based web application manages manufacturing workflows and automates complex business process for leading manufacturers.
  • Playtech is looking for a DevOps Engineer to join our DevOps team. We are a small and tight crew of DevOps building innovative infrastructure using Kubernetes and Docker running on top of OpenStack cloud. We strongly believe in automation of all processes.
  • A new startup publishing house, has an opportunity for a Senior Java Developer to join the team.
  • This is a line of products focused on a process of productivity improvement at oil and gas production. It includes: — Base of knowledge on available methodologies, instruments and chemicals, as well as all cases of their previous usage.
  • We are looking for an initiative and driven Senior JavaScript developer to work with our new Client. They are a privately held entrepreneurial investment company with great ambitions and high potential.
  • WordPress developer в   Iseqqavoq ? Львов
    Are you a bit nerdy and think that Wordpress rocks? Then we are looking for you! We are IQQ, with more than 7 years in designing, developing and managing WordPress sites. We live by WordPress. Send us your application now!
  • We’re looking for a Senior Software Engineer to work on a new exciting project that will have a very positive impact on our client’s business.
  • Developing Single Page Applications using: React, Redux, ES6+, React Bootstrap, Webpack, Jasmine, Karma, SASS. The project has to support only modern browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, IE11+.
  • Rapid Shell Modelling (RSM) is one the leading products in Rapid Prototyping for Hearing Industry. We produce software for the automated design and rapid manufacturing of hearing aid shells and earmolds.
  • We specialise in advanced software fields such as BI, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning (AI/ML), High Speed Computing, Cloud Computing, BIG Data Predictive Analytics, Unstructured Data processing, Finance, Risk Management and Security.
  • Senior Java Developer в   Luxoft ? Одесса
    Our client (major German in-car navigation systems manufacturer) develops a new navigation digital maps conversion & preprocessing system together with Luxoft in order to: — optimize route calculation on in-car computer considering memory & computational...
  • Front-end developer в  Validbook $400–700 ? удаленно
    Validbook — це універсальна платформа для кооперації. Validbook включає в себе універсальну соціальну мережу, універсальний журнал для розумних речей і розумних документів.
  • PHP програміст в  Auspex от $900 ? Львов
    Компанія «Auspex» — це ефективна організація бізнес-процесів для Вашого зросту.CRM системи для малого та середнього бізнесу, широкий вибір продуктів і послуг для будь-яких потреб, створених на основі нашого досвіду.
  • Залишайте своє резюме вже зараз і ми найжлижчим часом запросимо вас на співбесіду!
  • Програміст 1С в  Auspex ? Львов
  • IT Project Manager в   Big Drop ? Харьков
    Our projects: American clients unusual startups and leaders in their fields (real estate, medicine, insurance, beauty, sport, jewelry, education, travelling, smart technologies, etc.) stable load and challenging tasks modern approaches and web-technology...
  • Middle Front-end developer в   GeekTeam ? Харьков
    Мы ищем сотрудника в штат, а не на проект. Мы ищем друга в нашу семью. Мы уверены в нашем долгосрочном плодотворном сотрудничестве.

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